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How to Set Up 2 Step Verification for Secure Your Google Account And can’t turn on Gmail 2 Step verification Fix Here ?

2 Step Verification Google Gmail (Step-by-Step)

Gmail security  is one of the best authentications to have your stuff to stay more secure. And the best on iPhone is the Google 2 Step Verification. When you compare Gmail’s security with any other social media you will find that Gmail has one of the best security services. And mainly as every device is completely running on with Gmail it is very protective and more secured. Check out below steps to turn on/off Gmail 2 step verification

I am sure that you must have a Google account. But are you sure that your Gmail account is secure or not? To prevent your Google account from any unlikely actions, we have an option in Google settings in which we can authenticate or Gmail Sing in by using Gmail 2 Step Verification.

Well, you will have this question in your mind how to activate Google 2 Step Verification on iPhone. But don’t worry it is very easy and simple. So just simply focus on the steps.

Gmail 2 Step Verification on iPhone

  • Open your Gmail app and then go to settings by clicking on the three-dot menu.
  • There go to the Manage your Google Account option and then you can tap on security.
  • After that, you have to click on 2-step verification.
  • Then tap on getting started after that follow steps on the screen.
  • This will help you to get a notification on the device. When you tap on it you will be able to log in without entering the password.
  • You need not have to remember your password for logging in if you have enabled this mode of security.

How to Set Up Gmail 2 step Authentication

  1. Visit Google 2-Step Verification
  2. then Click ‘Get Started’
  3. Click ‘Start Setup’
  4. Log in in to your Gmail account
  5. Click to turn on 2 step verification and enter a phone number under the “Voice or Text Message” option. This number will be used to receive a numeric code from Gmail, which is needed to authorize access to Outreach or other 3rd party apps that may be used in the future
  6. then Click ‘Send code’
  7. Now Need to Enter the verification code sent from Google and click ‘Done
  8. And Then Check the ‘Trust this computer’ if the user is on a trusted computer and click ‘Next’
  9. Finally Click ‘Confirm’ to turn on 2-step Verification

Turn Off 2 Step Verification Gmail

Here Gmail permissions How to Set up 2 step verification in your Gmail account. But if you don’t relaxed using this system then you can disable Gmail 2 step verification systems. Follow few simple steps to turn off 2 step verification Gmail by himself.

  • First of log in Gmail account and click upper right corner human icon or your Gmail profile picture.
  • There are Few options will appear then click My Account button from here.
  • Go to Sign-in & security section and click up to “Signing in to Google” link.
  • Click up to 2 Step verification text to change Gmail 2 step verification settings.
  • You need to sign in Gmail account again to remove two steps verification in Gmail.
  • Click the Password box, type your Gmail account password and click Sign in button to sign Gmail account.
  • Click up to Turn off button from Gmail 2 Step Verification page to turn off 2 step verification Gmail.
  • You will see new page then click Turn off button to turning off 2 step verification in Gmail.

After that your Gmail 2 step verification successfully turn off. You don’t need to verify your mobile number when you Log in your Gmail account. We have discussed in this blog the possible fixes to set up Gmail 2 Step Verification. If you still have any queries regarding to this content, then you can contact us through our site or the number provided on our site. Our experts are available for 24*7, and they answered your queries.

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