How to Change Bell South Email

Bell south is a telecommunication company, which is organized by AT&T in December 2006. Bell south offers many services including cell phone utility, home telephone utility and fast internet service. Who uses the bell south internet they have free email addresses with the domain ‘’? Bell south email merges with yahoo for benefit of AT&T’s […]

How to fix Unexpected Error on Facebook Marketplace

As we know Facebook is social media and most people are using it. Facebook is very useful in many ways like you can create own business page and publish it on Facebook. You can also invite peoples for this particular page and when they accept your request then all updates of that page easily got […]

Best Web Browser for Roku

What is Roku? Roku is a consumer electronics which was founded by Replay TV founder Anthony Wood. In japan Roku means “six”, a reference to the six companies’ wood has launched. Roku is an American electronic private company that sells home digital media products. Roku used to manufacture a variety of digital media receivers that […]

How to fix Google Play store not working?

Google Play Store not working problem is an error message when you try to download new apps. In this situation, the Play Store crashes or didn’t open at all. In this article we will discuss what you can do to fix Google Play Store not working issue. There are several factors affect the Play Store. […]

How to Connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi?

This article is about how to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi. Follow this step wise procedure on how to connect Samsung TV to Wi-Fi: Turn on your Samsung Smart TV either by pressing the Power button on the remote control or on the TV itself. Although there are many models of Samsung Smart TV available, […]