Why G suit not Receiving Emails

How to Fix Your G Suite email when Not Receiving Emails

G Suite Not Receiving Emails

Setting up a G suite account seems to be a necessity for every business user as it lessens all kinds of unnecessary hassles in the course of effective business communication. Whether you wish to outsmart your business competitor or you wish to gain competitive advantage in this competitive world, G suite has played an important role in contemplating your business requirements and establishing a strong source of communication among business partners or rivals. Despite having so many advantages of G suite one common scenario gives trouble to G suite users. It is quite a common scenario that you are not able to receive mails even after successful setting of G suite mail. What to do in such a complicated situation when G suite not receiving emails ? The following steps will guide you in this regard.

Steps to resolve the issue of G suite Not Receiving Emails

  • Whenever you confront issue regarding not receiving mails on G-suite the first step you can take is to login your G suite account login page and directly go to the right side of this login page.
  • In the next step hunt for admin button and it will direct you to the G suite admin console. After doing this, just hit users button.
  • Now, in this step you will view an image with the name of users. After seeing the name of the user just click on the name of the user that is unable to receive the mail
  • In this step, just hit the account button. Go to the bottom of the account button and click on G suite mail box.
  • After that there is a concluding step. In this step, you are required to click on G suite mail box. Now, click on the save button mentioned in the bottom right of this account.

Once you accomplish all the steps successfully, you will be able to start receiving your G-suite mails as soon as possible. So, if even after following these steps you are not able to resolve the issue of G Suite Not receiving emails, then it is quite a right time to take third-party assistance. Just perform a research and do the best as desired.

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