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Gmail Not Sending Attachments And How to Send Large Attachments in Gmail

How to Fix Gmail Not sending Attachments

In general, we face the issue of  Gmail not sending attachments and also it does not load the large attachments. When the file is more than 25 MB it doesn’t get attached and even if you zip many files it is size is also above 25 MB. You can receive a Gmail of 50 MB but you can never send it for now.

Well, there are many times when  after making the attachment it shows an error. So this blog will basically teach you the ways to clear the trauma of Gmail not sending attachments and how to send large files easily without getting bounced back.

How to Send large Attachments in Gmail

Then sending it completely you can send it bit by bit but this is a time-consuming process. But well you can attach the link of the cloud-based services using which you can easily send the files you need. But this is not so handy to be handled.  One of the ways to send large attachments in Gmail is mentioned below.

Google drive –

  • Open Gmail and then go to compose after that click on the drive button for attachments.
  • Then choose the file by going to upload and then you can choose from the system memory.
  • After that you will find the upload button tap on it then you will find it in the compose email.
  • This is how you can easily insert the files you want to share without increasing the size of the file but the content is all the same.

Sales Handy –

  • Tap on Upload document then goes to the browse option.
  • Then from the system file, you can select the files you want to attach and then you can tap on it.
  • After that upload them to Sale shandy.
  • When the documents are successfully uploaded then you can create the link and you can share it on Gmail.
  • You have to keep the downloading option of the viewer enabled so that they can download it.
  • Then set a password to secure it and make sure to share with the viewer so that they can access it.
  • You should save the settings to keep the changes saved.
  • This is also as effective as the Google drive method.

This is the way to send large files through Gmail. Even if you find that the Gmail is causing error still then you should contact the Gmail support team to get help. But these methods above are very effective.

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