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How to Create a Bellsouth Email?

It is very simple to create a BellSouth email account. The condition is that you must a customer and subscriber and have purchased its internet services. Creating a BellSouth email account will set up with any kind of email provider that includes Express, Vista and Outlook. You can do it by entering your personal BellSouth account information.

Steps to create a Bellsouth email account

Follow these simple steps to create a Bellsouth email account:

  1. Look for the “Set Up a Mail Account” option in your e-mail provider.
  2. Enter the name you want to display while using your BellSouth email address in the bar labeled “Display Name.”
  3. Click on “Next.” Enter the email address assigned to you or that one which you have created after changing the name you have assigned into the tab named as “E-mail address.” This e-mail is going to be your e-mail name followed by “”
  4. Click on “Next” and select “POP3” as the incoming mail server.
  5. Enter “” in both the incoming and outgoing mail-server fields.
  6. Click on “Next.”
  7. Enter your display name into the “Account Name” field. Enter a password and click on “Next” option. Click on “Finish” and your BellSouth e-mail account will be setup.

Benefits of a free Bellsouth Mail account

After setting up your Bellsouth Mail account, you can avail following benefits:

  • You can easily Check your email or customize your home page by going to
  • Bellsouth email allows you to organize your contacts in a simplified manner. You can stay on top of things with the help of its calendar.
  • You always stay informed with the latest news, stocks, weather, and sports.
  • It allows you to Access movies, concerts, and more.

Changing Your Bellsouth Password

In case you simply want to change Bellsouth Password for security reasons, simply log in to your Bellsouth account using the AT&TLog In page. Go to “My Profile” and scroll down to the Set Personal Password section. Simply enter your current password in the Current Password field. Enter and confirm your new password in the confirmation fields. Click on “Save Changes” to complete the process of changing your password.

Resetting Your Bellsouth Password

If you are not able to remember your password, you have to reset it before selecting a new one. Click the “Forgot Password” link on the AT&T Log In page. Enter your complete Bellsouth email address in the User ID field and then enter your last name. Click to “Continue” and select from options how you want AT&T to help you retrieve your password. You have options to request the receipt of a temporary password or answering some security questions to confirm your identity. After you authenticate your identity, you will be prompted to select a new password. Create a new password and it should be a strong one and easy to remember.

Process to reset your password with a temporary password

In case you don’t know the answers of your security questions, follow these steps to reset Bellsouth password:

  • Go to the Forgot Password page.
  • Click on Password.
  • Enter your full Bellsouth email address and your last name.
  • Go to Continue.
  • Select Send me a temporary password from the drop-down menu.
  • Click on how you’d like the temporary password sent to you.
  • Click on Continue. Look for the temporary password.
  • Copy the temporary password, and enter it in the required field. Follow the instructions to create a new and permanent password. If you close the window by mistake, you are free to use your temporary password once by going to the myAT&T sign-in page.
  • Now you will be prompted to create your new password for Bellsouth email.

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