how to factory reset Google chromecast

How to factory Reset Google Chromecast

How to Reset Google Chromecast

If you already have Chromecast on your system, you may also have pre-installed Google home app. Here the reboot process is almost same whether you are using an android or IOS device. Some functions may be different like the menu would be slightly different.

First of all, check the internet connection on your device. Now check whether your AC adapter is connected with the wall, it’s not necessary for you to keep it on. If your USB port is connected with the TV and power is connected, then the set must be on before the Chromecast will power up.

If your TV is on, go to the Google home app on your mobile and click on “devices” button, you can see this on upper right corner of the screen. If you have many Google cast devices then select and find the Chromecast that you want to reset.

Now on the top right corner you would see three dots, click on them. Here the image which has been shows should be similar to that of TV’s image, this is known as “backdrop”.

Now tap on reboot option to reboot your Chromecast. For factory reboot, go to the settings and again click on the three dots in the menu bar and select ‘factory reset’ option.

A popup would come to confirm whether you want to reset it or not. Now tap on ok and your system would be factory reboot. It takes some time for the reset, you can restart your system after sometime.

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