Change Icloud password

How to Change icloud Password or Apple id password ?

How to Change Icloud Password 

Forgetting iCloud password is normal you can recover and get back. This blog will teach you How to Change iCloud password. You need not panic if you forget the password just read the blog to get out of the problem.

New technologies are revolving across the globe. Icloud is also not any exception to emerging and latest technologies. Whatever technologies you are using, password is a key to protect the confidential information. It is a good practice for to How to Change Icloud password from time to time. Here, you will get an account of Icloud password change.

I can never pass a day without my iTunes account and when suddenly I forgot the password. I just panicked. But my friend helped me out to know how to reset  iTunes password. This made me think that I should not let you face the issues thus this blog will deal entirely with how to reset iTunes password.

how iTunes password reset can be done? It is not such a complicated process. Don’t worry you need not have to lose a day by not able to download or purchase songs and apps. The blog will help you to reset the iTunes password.

Steps For How to Change Icloud Password

  • If you want to change Icloud password, it is recommended that you must head over Apple’s official page.
  • Sign into your I-cloud account using login credentials.
  • Now go to security and information section and quickly click on the option of change your password.
  • First of all, you will be asked to insert your current password. Enter it and click next.
  • After this enter a new password that you wish to insert.
  • Proceed further and enter your new password once again to accomplish the process.
  • Check for any typos and spelling errors and save these changes.
  • Congratulations you have completed the process of Icloud change password.

In case of any troubling issue in Icloud password change, don’t hesitate to ask for help from Apple customer support or a renowned third-party service provider chosen after keen research.

How to Change password without Security Questions and Email

We usually resolve it using recovery email or security question but How to Change iCloud password without Security Questions and Email as many times we don’t know the answer or you don’t have access to recovery email.

Apple users always use the iTunes app to buy the app, music, etc. So being an elite user they cannot set free without making use of it. Thus, this blog will help you guide on how to change the iCloud password without security questions and email. Follow the bellow option.

Steps to Change iCloud password

  • Open the Apple ID support page and then you have to select your country,
  • Then go down and select Contact apple support and you will have to tap on restore Apple Id account password.
  • After that, you have to tap on Forgot security question.
  • You can reset the security questions and then answer it to change the password.
  • If you have time then you can call the apple support team which you will find in the help menu.
  • After that, you can schedule a call From Apple to help you out to register the new phone number and information so that you can use it.
  • The call can be scheduled within an hour or within 24 days. So by doing this, you can reduce the steps to change the password.
  • Further, you will be guided by the apple support team of how to recover the password. In case if you are done by changing the security question then you can answer them and reset it in the apple password creating the page. Enter it twice to conform to the password.

You can also read other blogs in the website to solve other general issues in Social media platform. The blogs will also help you to sign in easily to any platform and guide you accordingly.

How to reset iTunes password

  • Launch the iTunes store and then go to the menu.
  • Sign in option is present in the right corner at the top.
  • Then choose the Forgot password button which will direct you to the apple website.
  • And there you will find the field to enter your iTunes id and then you have to click on next button.
  • You will find two options in the screen one through receiving the code in email or answering the security questions.
  • So you have to choose as per your availability.
  • If you choose email then you will get the code which you have to enter in the required field.
  • If you choose a security question then you have to answer the questions correctly.
  • Finally, tap on next , this will take you to the page where you can set a new password.
  • The password you set should be of 8 characters minimum and it must have numbers, special characters, and alphabets too.
  • Once you have entered in the asked field tap on next this will set the password.
  • Now using the new password you have to log in to your iTunes account.

How to Change iCloud email ID on iPhone

As you know iCloud is a very important account if you’re having an Apple device whether it is iPhone or your Mac device, you can get access for some particular applications with the help of iCloud. If you had lost your device, you can also locate it with the help of Find my iPhone software. People often search for the query how to change iCloud ID on iPhone and here are the steps that can help you to change iCloud email ID on iPhone:

Points to change iCloud email ID on iPhone

When you’re creating a new iCloud account you must link it with your Gmail account so that you can recover your account with the help of google. This email address would be your primary email address for you Apple device. You can also add another email address with this iPhone.

For adding new iCloud email address, you must first delete the existing email address. And most of the users are scared to delete the account because they think that deleting the account can delete the data storage from iCloud account, but this doesn’t happen when you delete your account only some iCloud device settings are deleted not the storage inside the account. All the content remains as it is in your account.

For deleting the existing account go to the settings and click on iCloud tab. Now on the iCloud page you would see delete account option. Click on it. Now enter your new iCloud ID along with the password. And your new email address would be added with your iPhone account.

How to reset iCloud password with your email address or security questions

Steps for How to reset icloud password – Tips is here

  1. Now Navigate to on your web browser.
  2. Now require to Enter your Apple ID email address.
  3. Click Continue.
  4. Now Select or Choose I require to reset my password.
  5. Click Continue.
  6. Just Select Get an email or Answer security questions.
  7. Click Continue.
  8. Click Done.
  9. Now Open the email you received from Apple. It will be titled “How to reset your Apple ID password”.
  10. Click Reset now.
  11. Enter your new password.
  12. Enter it again to confirm.
  13. Click Reset Password.

If you Choose to answer security questions Learn Here how to answer security questions, So, follow these procedure after clicking Continue in Step 7 above.

1. Verify your birthday.
2. Click Continue.

3. Answer the two security questions you’re given.
4. Click Continue.

5. Enter your new password.
6. Enter it again to confirm.

7. Click Reset Password.

How to Change iCloud password on iPhone

  • On the interface of your iPhone, navigate to Settings>[your name]>Password & Security.
  • Tap on Change Password.
  • Now Need Enter the password your currently using, enter a new one and confirm the new one.
  • Tap on Change Password.

How to Change iCloud password on Mac

1: Go to Apple’s official Apple ID account page and Sign in to iCloud with your Apple ID.
2: Scroll down to the Security section and click on Change Password.
3: There would be 3 boxes, you require to enter your current password in the box at the top, then enter a new password in the middle box and Now Need to enter the new password again in the box at the bottom.
4: Click Change Password.

How to reset password if you have two-factor authentication enabled

Here you will require one of the devices associated with your icloud account near by.

1. Now Navigate to on your website browser.
2. Now put your Apple ID email address.
3. then Click Continue.
4. Now Need to Enter the phone number that is associated with your Apple ID.
5. Click Continue. You will be asked to pick up one of the devices connected to this account.
6. Pick up one of the devices associated with your iCloud account. In this case we’ll use an Android phone.
7. Tap Allow.
8. Now you will require Enter the passcode of your chosen device.
9. Tap Done.
10. Now require to Enter your new Apple ID password.
11. Now Enter it again to verify.
12. Tap Next.
13. Tap Done.

I hope these above solutions help you to Change icloud Password or Apple id password. In case, any of your doubts remain unclear, you may contact us through our website. We have a team of experts to deal with all issues associated with PCs and Phones. You can also connect with us by calling on our toll-free number in the time of need. We specialize in dealing with issues related to Computer Accessories. Feel free to call us anytime, we are available 24X7.

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