Gmail not receiving emails on iPhone

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Sometimes this kind of problem happens if you would have changed the password of your email, also it would happen if you’ve updated your system. To get rid of this problem you can remove entire account and add it again. Mentioned below are the points that would let you know why Gmail not receiving email iPhone.

How to fix Gmail Not receiving emails iPhone

 First of all, check whether you’re using a correct username or password.
 After checking your username and password, go to the “settings” option and select “general” under general choose “reset” and now tap on “reset password setting”. It will not delete any data from your iPhone but your password would be reset.
 After this step your iPhone would restart. Make sure whether your data is ON.
 You can now check your email account. If it’s not working, then you can follow the next step.
 Go to the account and password setting in your iPhone.
 Now choose the account that is not receiving emails on your iPhone.
 Now click on the option “Delete account” (it will just remove the account from your iPhone, not the emails that you have received yet)
 After deleting your account, you can add it again so that it can receive emails again.
 For adding an account, you would go to the settings and select account and password.
 In Account and password there will be an option of “add account” select it and tap on add mail account. (here you can add your Gmail account once again)
 This will give you an option of adding account again. You can select the account that you wanted to add again.
 Now enter the email address and password of your new Gmail account and you’re done with the process.

These were the steps where you can remove your account and add it again so that you would be receiving or sending emails on your iPhone.

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