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How to Fix http Error 500 Facebook?

Many times, Facebook users face http Error 500 message. This error message simply means that something has gone wrong with the website. The problem is mainly with the site that you are trying to visit and not with your browser, your computer, or your internet connection.

When you see this message being displayed, with HTTP error 500 Facebook, then don’t panic. This error code message is a generic message that appears when there is something unexpected happened on the web server and the server is not able to offer more detailed information. Instead of getting a normal web page, an error occurs on the web server and the server gives your browser a web page with an error message in place of a normal web page.

How to solve http error 500 Facebook?

Since this problem is not from your end, you can’t fix it yourself. Wait for the server too fix it.

There are also some tricks to quickly get around the problem. This problem is usually temporary and the server may quickly fix itself. It may happen that many people are getting connected to the website at once, causing the problem. You need to wait a few minute before trying to login again, and the website may start working again properly.

If you are getting http error 500 Facebook, try to reload the page. Just click the “Reload” button on your toolbar or press F5. After reloading, your browser will contact the web server and request for the page again. Your problem might get fixed.

In case this is not working for you, you may need to wait for some time before coming back to Facebook. Try to access the website again in the future and it may start working properly.

You may use Facebook applications to download onto your Facebook page. These programs allow you to don many things like playing games, planning trips or checking the weather. You can send virtual gifts to your friends using these applications. Many times, your Facebook application has http error 500 Facebook. This is a very common error for Facebook users, as there are millions of Facebook users around the world that are using Facebook at a given time. You can easily fix these server errors.

Steps to fix http error 500 Facebook

  • First of all, check your internet connection. Make sure that you are able to access the internet on another page. http error 500 Facebook Server errors will show up if you are not connected to the internet.
  • Try to reload the page in order to fix this issue. Generally, the server errors are a result of a page that has not loaded properly.
  • Close the browser window that is currently in use. Now open another window to access Facebook. This may be the reason for which your page was not loading correctly.
  • Another quick fix is to delete your temporary internet files and clear your cache. This will completely clear any server errors that is remaining.

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