How to Setup Gmail in Outlook

How to Configure Gmail in Outlook : How to Add Your Gmail Account to Outlook

How to Setup/Configure Gmail in outlook

The ultimate aim of providing every amenity is to make the internet users at ease. There are different email services that can make users at ease. Gmail is widely used by internet users to have fabulous experiences and users really love to use it. To provide ease to the internet users it is really an important step to configure Gmail in Outlook. Different new internet enthusiasts also do not know the process of how to configure Gmail in Outlook. So, here you will get an account of How to configure Gmail in Outlook.

How to configure or Setup  Gmail in Microsoft Outlook  

  • First of all use any web browser of your choice and open Gmail account.
  • After that you can choose to go to gear icon and then go to settings.
  • For archiving Gmail in your Microsoft outlook first of all you need IMAP settings in your account.
  • Go to Forward section of IMAP account and you can choose to enable the settings of IMAP settings for Outlook.
  • Now, you will find have enabled email settings for the upcoming emails.
  • You can go to drop down menu and check whether Gmail messages are accessed with POP settings.
  • Once you save these changes you have successfully configured Gmail in Outlook.

So, these are some of the steps that can related to how to Setup Gmail in Outlook. In case of any issues arising out of these you can contact any renowned third-party support provider to root out these troubling issues appropriately.

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