How to Stop Pop Ups in Chrome

How to Stop or Block Pop Ups in Chrome

You get many pop ups while working on your system and it is very hard for you to use your browser. There are some tricks that could help you to come out from such issues. You can follow the instruction and get rid of these pop ups in your Chrome browser. Given below are some of the points that would stop pop ups in your chrome browser.

How to Block Pop Ups in Chrome

  • You can go to the chrome browser and in the right side of the menu go to the settings and click on it.
  • Now in the search menu type “popups” and you would get some options in the drop down.
  • Now in the drop down click on “content settings” option.
  • Now under the popup it should be blocked so that you would not receive it again.
  • Click on the tab and select blocked.

Now your Google Chrome pop ups would stop coming on your system.

Scan malware in your system

When you remove malware from your system, it will block many uncertain apps from your system. Is sometimes annoys when you get these kinds of notification on your system.  So you can download a legitimate antivirus in your system that will secure your system. You can install Malwarebytes antivirus in your system and run full scan on your system. It would definitely help your system to remove unwanted applications and these kind of pop ups on your system.

Uninstall Odd software from your system

Sometimes these unwanted software in your system create lot of disturbance and it annoys you, so you can remove these kinds of software from your system. For this you can go to control panel and remove programs and features.  Sometimes you accidentally install apps that create a lot of pop ups and keep on annoying you. You can go to the lists of your app storage and select the applications that are no longer required in your system and uninstall it permanently.

These are some of the tricks that could help you to get rid of pop ups.

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