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What to do When is Not Responding

You can set up Gmail using the server settings of IMAP or SMTP anywhere. These settings helps the user to set up their Gmail account on any of the device which he is using to access Gmail, it may be android mobile device or the iPhone device. IMAP is a primary protocol use to read messages from your Google Gmail in other mail clients. Many times, the user face problem in setting up the IMAP server and is unable to access the Gmail account. What to do when you face issue like is not responding. The problem is mainly due to any internet connection issue or may be the services are not properly configured. Whatever be the case, simply follow the below mentioned steps.

Cause of the error:-

This error message is generally shown on your iOS devices. Here are many causes available, some of them are follow below:

Network error:-

 If there is a network limit at your end then the application will not be able to communicate with the right one service.

Server Outrage:-

 If there is an issue with Google’s server at the backend but you cannot do anything except wait to remove this issue. After the server gets fixed then your email client will automatically start to work.

Gmail IMAP application in an Error State:-

 It may be possible that your mobile application is in Error State with the interference in the network. So, refresh it quickly that the application starts to work.

Disabled SSL:-

SSL is the most important security component without which many network connections refuse to perform. If SSL is disabled then Gmail IMPA will not work.

Outdated application:-

Most of the major software distributors quickly expedite and released an update that can fix this issue when it occurred on a mass scale. If you don’t update your application, so update it to fix this issue.

How to Fix is Not Responding

If you are using iPhone, and is not responding on iPhone. When you go to refresh your emails from the Mail app in iOS, you may get an error of IMAP not responding. Then try following steps to solve the issue:

  1. First of all, check your internet connection. Your internet connection should be fast and proper for smooth functioning of all the services. Check that the error is fixed or not.
  2. If you are using Wi-Fi connection for internet services, then check the WIFI restrictions. Wi-Fi issues, most of the time are the cause of this kind of errors. If the error persists try other steps as mentioned below.
  3. Verify that you have entered correct account info.
  4. The user can also try to remove the Gmail application from their iPhone device. Again, set up the Gmail application with correct IMAP settings. This will probably fix the error.
  5. Make a check on configuration server. See if the configuration details are entered correctly or not. Make the required corrections if you find any problem in the configuration.
  6. If the problem is not solved yet, change the IMAP settings server to any other server. 

Now check if it working or not,

after that follow these steps:-

  1. The mobile application can be in an error state with the network interface. Refresh the applications and it may work.
  2. IMAP don’t work if SSL is disable. It is a very important security component without which many network connections don’t work. If it found disable, then enable it.
  3. It is possible that the configuration files are in error state and not working properly. Try to re-add the email address to fix it.  The email has several components and configurations.
  4. Try to update your application. An outdated application causes many errors and issues. Once you have updated to a newer version, try again if the error is resolve or not.
  5. You can email your own account also, it jerks your email account and force it to get its modules to get up and running.  Navigate to you emailing application and draft an email to your own email address and send it. Wait and refresh your box.  

The above steps we will discuss are also applicable on android for the error of is not responding. Follow these steps on your android phone and see if the problem was solve or not.

Here are many easy and quick solutions to fix this issue. Follow the below-given steps carefully:

Force quit this application:-

 Once you get this issue like error then the first thing is to try to quit an application. When the applications run even in the background also and there are many store variables that are used by it. If anyone of the application is getting corrupted or some of the application’s modules go into the error state. This application shows you many errors.

If you are using Gmail IMAP application on your android device then ensure that you close all the applications properly. If you use Gmail IMAP then exit the application and then end the task by navigating to the task manager. Once you forcefully quit this application, then open the application again and check is the error is resolve now.

Email to your own account:-

Email to your own account to resolve this error. When you do this then it active your email account and forces it to get its modules to get up and running. It may be solving your problem easily.

Simply, navigate to your own email account and draft an email to your own email address and send it carefully. Wait for a while once you refresh your email’s inbox. After receiving your email, refresh your email account and check that issue is resolve now.

Delete your Gmail IMAP account and add it again:-

 For fixing error, completely delete your Gmail IMAP account and add it again. After doing this, your account will get remove from your device along with all the Settings and Configuration.  When you log in your email address into Gmail IMAP again, then all the configuration is built from the scratch, and if there is any issue then it also fixes that.

  • At first, tap on Settings in your iPhone device and select the Mail
  • A new window will open, so select the Account You can see all the accounts listed here with all the details.
  • Tap on your Gmail account which one causes the problem.
  • After that, navigate to the bottom of this page and tap on Delete this account  and your account is delete now.
  • Again go the Settings option and select Mail.
  • Now, navigate to the Accounts tab and tap on Add account.
  • After that, provide all your credentials.
  • Open your Gmail and check if the error has been resolved.

In this blog, we have mentioned many ways to fix is not responding. You can contact us through our website if the solutions mentioned above were worthless. We have a team of experts to solve all your issues related to PCs and phones. We specialize in solving issues related to online services. Feel free to connect with us by calling on our toll-free number. Our service is available 24X7 to help you.

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